New Data Platform and Analytics Applications

Join this session to learn about the new Data Vault offering that Data and Analytics Solutions has developed on the Azure public-cloud. Data Vault is designed to help firms meet the increasing complexity of data management and data governance with the simplicity, scale and security of a cloud solution. Learn how Data Vault can help meet the data needs of today while being nimble for the unknowns of tomorrow. We are pleased to have James Ferrarelli, Head of IT at Charles Schwab Investment Management, join the session to share his experience working with the Data and Analytics Solutions team and his thoughts on how the Data Vault will help his business. Finally, we will preview a prototype of the Data Studio application, which will empower data consumers with the tools needed to extract value from data.

Data and Analytics Solutions Vault and Studio

James Ferrarelli, Stephen Marshall and Steve Taylor

On-demand session available on June 25.