New Data Platform and Analytics Applications

Learn about the BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions fintech applications that are answering the most pressing business problems of our clients’ front, middle, and back-offices. In this session, we will introduce the new ESG Analytics application and highlight some of the game-changing principles used to derive our next generation of solutions. Specifically, we offer data-intensive, personalized, and AI-driven solutions on an open-architecture public cloud, where they continually improve from the ever-expanding input of contextual data.

Join to hear a panel discussion with Andrew Parry, Head of Sustainable Investments, Newton Investment Management and former Co-chair of the UNEP FI Positive Impact Initiative and Michael McCauley, Senior Officer, Investment Programs & Governance, Florida State Board of Administration, as they discuss Data and Analytics Solution's emergent ESG Analytics application. The panel shares their perspectives on the need for personalized and reliable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data to identify and report on sustainable investments. They will also explore expanding the use of such data to address unanswered questions about alpha generation and usage for the issuers' reports.

Next Generation ESG Analytics

Marcus Hooper, Michael McCauley, Corinne Neale and Andrew Parry

On-demand session available on June 25.